my name is Yannick Dubois and I am a Visual Facilitator.

My skills can assist you to increase the clarity and effectiveness of your project. 

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What it is

Visual facilitation transforms information into meaningful imagery which encapsulates the heart of your vision. This brings life and clarity to your ideas, concepts, and processes.

It reduces complexity making it a highly valuable tool for 21st century communication.



How it works

Visual Facilitation condenses and clarifies your vision into a powerful yet simple visual format.

This facilitates clear communication both within your team and with your clients which is an essential key to success.

The process of Visual Facilitation generally consists of:

  1. Defining what you need
  2. Creating images in studio work or live during event
  3. Using the images for the benefit of your project

How I work

I work by combining my skills as an Illustrator with principles of coaching. I use my ability to listen, grasp complex ideas and transcribe information in a visual manner. I create aesthetic and purposeful images for the benefit of my clients. I offer two different formats:

1) Studio Work

based on a prior consultation I create high quality images that contain the simplified essence of your information.

2) Live Visual Facilitation

during live events (such as meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences) I create high quality images by recording activity visually, as it occurs.

Through my work as a Visual Facilitator I intend to contribute to positive change in the world. For this reason I work mainly with charities and social enterprises.




Emma F.  (Shamanic Lands): "

Thank you Yannick for bringing to life the dream of each teacher presentation at The Shamanic Lands. Your visual interpretation of the wisdom presented added a deeper dimension to the attendee experience which lives on in your beautiful images."

Shamanic Lands

Live during Event - Talk by Patrick MacManaway


Studio Work - Coming soon




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